Table 3.

Factors predicting for MSI-H and deficient MMR protein expression in Lynch syndrome adenomas

CharacteristicMSI statusaMMR IHCb
OR (95% CI)OR (95% CI)
Subject sex (reference: male)0.14 (0.01–1.42)0.33 (0.05–2.18)
Subject agec1.18 (1.09–1.28)1.07 (0.99–1.15)
Subject's germline mutation (reference: MSH2 mutation)3.53 (0.39–32.3)1.39 (0.23–8.36)
Adenoma sizec1.19 (1.02–1.39)1.08 (0.996–1.16)
Adenoma sized (reference: <8 mm)9.98 (1.52–65.65)3.17 (1.20–8.37)
  • aModeling the odds of observing MSI-H versus MSI-L/MSS.

  • bModeling the odds of observing abnormal MMR IHC versus intact MMR IHC.

  • cSubject age and adenoma size studied as continuous variables.

  • dAdenoma size studied as a dichotomous variable.