Table 3.

Associations of leukoplakia with OCC by OCC site

Leukoplakia status and oral cavity siteCasesAdjusted HR (95% CI)a
Lip (excluding external lip)
 No prior leukoplakia369Reference
 Prior leukoplakia
  >3 months after leukoplakia78.66 (4.06–18.45)
  >12 months after leukoplakia46.25 (2.31–16.87)
Tongue (excluding base of tongue)
 No prior leukoplakia1,970Reference
 Prior leukoplakia
  >3 months after leukoplakia19844.6 (37.9–52.4)
  >12 months after leukoplakia14441.1 (34.2–49.5)
 No prior leukoplakia808Reference
 Prior leukoplakia
  >3 months after leukoplakia5327.5 (20.5–37.0)
  >12 months after leukoplakia3926.0 (18.6–36.3)
Floor of Mouth
 No prior leukoplakia943Reference
 Prior leukoplakia
  >3 months after leukoplakia4522.6 (16.6–30.9)
  >12 months after leukoplakia3422.0 (15.4–31.4)
 No prior leukoplakia871Reference
 Prior leukoplakia
  >3 months after leukoplakia3317.9 (12.5–25.6)
  >12 months after leukoplakia2416.5 (10.9–24.9)
 No prior leukoplakia3,319Reference
 Prior leukoplakia
  >3 months after leukoplakia10914.1 (11.5–17.3)
  >12 months after leukoplakia5712.8 (10.1–16.3)
  • Abbreviations: OCC, oral cavity cancer; HR, hazard ratio; CI, confidence interval.

    aAdjusted for sex, race, age, and calendar year at start of follow-up.