Table 3.

Top signaling pathways in Inflammation and Immunity Transcriptome panel that are activated or inhibited in polyps from patients treated with sulindac–erlotinib compared with patients on placebo

Upstream regulatorSymbolMolecule typez-scoreP
Interferon alphaIFNAGroup3.0634.52E−22
Interferon gammaIFNGCytokine2.9655.29E−21
Interleukin 12IL12Complex2.6751.55E−15
Signal transducer and activator of transcription 4STAT4Transcription factor2.4033.00E−06
Prostaglandin E2PGE2Chemical−2.2251.52E−05
  • NOTE: Positive (+) z-score or negative (−) z-score indicate that these pathways are more or less active in patients treated with sulindac–erlotinib versus placebo.