Table 1.

Microscopic cancers identified at the time of RRSO for BRCA mutation carriers

Case no.Age at RRSO, yBRCA1/2 mutationPrimary siteHistologyWashings
151BRCA1Primary peritoneal (washings only)Washings–HGSCa. No carcinoma identified in ovaries or fallopian tubesHGSCa
253BRCA1OvaryHGSCa near the surface of the ovary (1 mm)NE
360BRCA1Fallopian tube2 foci of HGSCa involving the fimbria of RFT, confined to mucosa (1.7 and 0.4 mm)Negative
452BRCA1Fallopian tube2 foci of HGSCa confined to mucosa in RFT, first focus is in tube proper (1 mm), second focus in fimbria (0.4 mm)Negative
570BRCA1Fallopian tubeHGSCa involving the fimbria, confined to mucosa (2 × 3 mm)Negative
655BRCA1Fallopian tubeHGSCa involving fimbria comprising mucosa and submucosa (2 mm)Negative

Abbreviations: NE, not evaluated; RFT, right fallopian tube.