Table 3.

Association of strong immunohistochemical expression of phosphorylated S6 with absent expression of serine-phosphorylated IRS-1 in hyperplastic Eker (Tsc2+/−) rat endometrium

RatNo. of hyperplastic foci with strong phospho-S6 expression and absent phospho-IRS-1 expression/total no. hyperplastic foci
Vehicle 12/2
Vehicle 21/1
Vehicle 31/1
Vehicle 46/7
Vehicle 56/6
Vehicle 64/5
Vehicle 73/3
Vehicle 86/8
Vehicle 93/3
Vehicle 108/8
Vehicle 1110/10
Total50/54 (93%)*

NOTE: In hyperplastic foci, strong expression of phosphorylated S6 is significantly associated with absent expression of serine-phosphorylated IRS-1.

  • *Correlation between phospho-S6 expression and phospho-(S636/639) IRS-1 expression was evaluated by Pearson correlation analysis (statistically significant at the P < 0.001 level).