Table 3.

Nipple aspirate concentration of PGEM and GDF15, before and after sulindac treatment, and change (post minus pre) by dose

PrePostChange (all)Change (150 mg q.d.)Change (150 mg b.i.d.)
PGEM (ng/mg protein)
    Range0, 2000, 200−64.6, +25.2−64.6, +25.2−49.9, +25.1
GDF15 (ng/mg protein)
    Range0, 2.90, 3.3−1.7, +1.4−1.7, +0.4−0.9, +1.4
  • *Sample size reflects paired samples with detectable protein both before and after drug administration. For PGEM, three samples before and two samples after drug administration had values below the limit of detection; for GDF15, seven NAF samples before and seven NAF samples after drug administration had levels below the limit of detection.

  • Two-sided Wilcoxon signed-rank test for change between baseline and end of the study for all pairs.