Table 2.

Multicovariate analysis of time to oral cancer on quantitative EGFR expression (E/N = 29/127)

VariableHR95% CI for HRP
13cRA vs BC-RP/RP only0.830.39-1.760.626
Histologic status at baseline: dysplasia vs hyperplasia2.991.42-6.290.004
EGFR transformed total composite score1.151.01-1.300.036

NOTE: For this analysis, the Cox proportional models were fitted with other important factors in the models. Composite scores of membrane staining and cytoplasmic staining were obtained by multiplying the number of positive cells by the intensity. The sum of the membrane and cytoplasmic scores was used to generate a total composite EGFR score, which then was transformed by dividing its square root by 10,000. This analysis produced the maximum likelihood estimates.

Abbreviations: E, number of events; N, number of patients.