Table 4.

Significant SNP associations with recurrence in TUR-only NMIBC patients in the TXBCS and SBC/EPICURO study

Genotype countHR (95% CI)PGenotype countHR (95% CI)P
Best modelDOMADD
TXBCS124/15/22.19 (1.22-3.93)0.0147/70/241.49 (1.07-2.07)0.02
SBC/EPICURO study335/21/01.91 (0.97-3.76)0.06105/175/761.34 (1.05-1.71)0.02
Combined459/36/22.07 (1.33-3.21)1.3 × 10−3152/245/1001.39 (1.14-1.70)1.0 × 10−3

Abbreviations: DOM, dominant; ADD, additive.

  • *GLI2 rs11685068 is not genotyped in the Spanish study, but in strong linkage with rs11677381 with R2 = 1.0. The validation result of rs11685068 was derived from the result of rs11677381.

  • Best model: the model with smallest P value.