Table 1

Multiplicity of intermediate in situ carcinomas and mammary carcinomas induced by identical retroviral titers

ModelINT/OVXEnd pointViral titer (CFU)Duration (d)No. ratsMultiplicity
Short-termINTIn situ carcinomas7.5 × 104 CFU15128.7 lesions/gland
Long-term INTCarcinomas7.5 × 104 CFU84150.43 carcinomas/gland
Short-term OVXIn situ carcinomas5 × 105 CFU151222.7 lesions/gland
Long-term OVXCarcinomas5 × 105 CFU126250.24 carcinomas/gland

Abbreviations: INT, intact rat model; OVX, ovariectomized rat model.