Table 2.

Use of NSAIDs within the last year, overall and by type, and risk of endometrial cancer in the NIH-AARP Diet and Health Study

CasesPerson-yearsAge–adjusted RR (95% CI)Multivariable RR (95% CI)*
NSAID use in the last year
    No12371,7931.00 (reference)1.00 (reference)
    Yes597407,4000.89 (0.73–1.08)0.90 (0.74–1.09)
NSAID type
    Nonusers12371,7931.00 (reference)1.00 (reference)
    Aspirin only184126,2330.85 (0.68–1.07)0.88 (0.70–1.11)
    NA-NSAID only14988,8161.05 (0.82–1.33)1.01 (0.79–1.29)
    Aspirin + NA-NSAID264192,3510.85 (0.68–1.05)0.85 (0.68–1.06)
  • *Adjusted for race (White, non-White), age at menarche (≤12, 13-14, ≥15 y), age at menopause (premenopausal, age at menopause: <45, 45-49, 50-54, ≥55 y, missing age at menopause/menopausal status), postmenopausal hormone use (never use, unopposed estrogen use: <10, ≥10 y, estrogen plus progestin use: <10, ≥10 y, other/missing hormone use or duration), parity (nulliparous, 1, 2, 3 or more births), oral contraceptive use (never or <1 y 1 to <10, ≥10 y), smoking (never, former, current, missing), BMI (<25, 25 to <30, ≥30 kg/m2, missing), physical activity (5 categories of exercise frequency over the past 12 mo), family history of breast cancer (yes, no, missing), personal history of diabetes (yes, no), heart disease (yes, no), and high blood pressure (yes, no, missing).