Table 1.

List of antibodies used and tissue biopsy treatment conditions for the immunohistochemical biomarker evaluation conducted at baseline and at week 12

ManufacturerClone nameH2O2 blockNonspecific protein blockFirst antibody concentration and incubation timeSecond antibody polymer and incubation time
VEGFSanta Cruz BiotechnologyA-20, RXH22'DAKO serum-free protein block for 7'1:200, 65'DAKO LSAB+ streptavidin for 15', HPR for 15'
CD1Lab VisionSP-4, RXH15'10% FBS for 35'1:100, 65'DAKO Envision Link+ for 30'
Ki-67DAKOMIB-1, MXH15'10% FBS for 35'1:200, 65'DAKO Envision Link+ for 30'
p53DAKODo-7, MXH15'10% FBS for 35'1:400, 65'DAKO Envision Link+ for 30'

Abbreviation: FBS, fetal bovine serum.