Table 2.

Effects of NO-naproxen and naproxen against MNU-induced mammary cancer

Treatment*Mean final body weights (g)Mammary cancers
% incidenceNumber/ratMean weight/rat (g)
NO-naproxen, 550 ppm in diet240872.80 (12%↓)3.80 (59%↓)
Naproxen, 400 ppm in diet251732.42 (24%↓)10.61 (13%↑)
  • *MNU administered to rats (15/group) at 50 d of age. Chemopreventive agents initiated at 55 d of age.

  • Incidence, number, and weight of mammary tumors at end of study (148 d after MNU). Number in parenthesis is percent decrease from control.