Table 6.

Matched-pair analysis of risk for death or recurrence for African and Hispanic American patients restricted to oropharyngeal cancer patients only

Matched pairsRisk of recurrence or death associated with minority (95% CI)P
Minority groupNon-Hispanic whites
Recurrence or deathNo event
African Americans
    No recurrence210
    Recurrence3105.00 (1.07-46.93)0.039
    Death from cancer163.00 (0.54-30.39)0.289
    Death any cause377.00 (0.90-315.60)0.070
Hispanic Americans
    No recurrence321
    Recurrence562.00 (0.43-12.36)0.508
    Death from cancer473.50 (0.67-34.53)0.180
    Death any cause5105.00 (1.07-46.93)0.039
AA and HA combined
    No recurrence531
    Recurrence8163.20 (1.12-11.17)0.027
    Death from cancer5133.25 (1.00-13.68)0.049
    Death any cause8175.67 (1.64-30.18)0.003