Table 4.

Matched-pair analysis of risk for death or recurrence for African and Hispanic American patients

Matched pairsRisk of recurrence or death associated with minority (95% CI)P
Minority groupNon-Hispanic whites
Recurrence or deathNo event
African Americans
    No recurrence1637
    Recurrence8201.25 (0.62-2.58)0.618
    Death from cancer3171.06 (0.50-2.25)1.0
    Death any cause8231.44 (0.73-2.91)0.337
Hispanic Americans
    No recurrence1561
    Recurrence9151.00 (0.46-2.20)1.0
    Death from cancer8121.20 (0.48-3.10)0.832
    Death any cause14151.07 (0.48-2.40)0.853
AA and HA combined
    No recurrence3198
    Recurrence17351.13 (0.68-1.89)0.712
    Death from cancer11291.12 (0.63-1.97)0.788
    Death any cause22381.27 (0.76-2.12)0.396

Abbreviations: AA, African Americans; HA, Hispanic Americans.