Table 1

Characteristics of the patients studied

GroupSex (M/F)Mean age, years (range)DiagnosisSource of tissue for MDF and ACF evaluationArea examined (cm2)/patient* (range)
FAP (2)1/139 (38-40)FAP1 Ascending colon86.6 ± 23.5 (70-103)
1 Transverse colon
CRC (21)10/1165.1±10.0 (44-81)AdK in the right colon (9): A§ (4), C (1), T (4) AdK in the Left Colon (12): D(3), S(6), R(3)Right colon (9): A (5), T (4) Left Colon (12): D(8), S(4)84.1±37.9 (30-157)

Abbreviations: AdK, adenocarcinoma; A, ascending colon; C, cecum; T, transverse colon; D, descending colon; S, sigmoid colon; R, rectum.

  • *Values are means ± SD.

  • In parenthesis, the number of patients in each category.

  • In parenthesis, the number of samples in each category.

  • §In parenthesis, the number of tumors in each category.