Table 1

Summary of recurrent minimal altered regions identified in 47 HGDs using 3p tiling-path array CGH

RegionChromosome bandProximal flanking clone*Start bp coordinateDistal flanking clone*End bp coordinateSize (Mbp)GenesGenes associated with cancer
A3p25.3-p26.1776H37152555629B992378842.097GRM7, RAD18, SRGAP3
B3p25.1-p25.3525N2110413544464P4146967024.2828ATG7, TIMP4, PPARG, WNT7A, XPC, RAF1
C3p24.1775G143059868148 E16318120731.214TGFBR2
D3p21.31-p22.3606K2436367289494P194660983710.2495MLH1, LRRFIP2, ITGA9, CTDSPL, PLCD1, DLEC1, MyD88, VILL, ACVR2B, GORASP1, AXUD1, CX3CR1, CCR8, CTNNB1, CCK, CCBP2, TMEM158
  • *All the listed human BAC clones were selected from the RPCI-11 library.

  • RefSeq Genes (release 25) according to UCSC May 2004 assembly.

  • Genes in boldface are candidate tumor suppressor genes in various cancer types.