Table 1

Molecular and pathologic stages of progression

Patient characteristics at time of samplingEA risk biomarkers* in follow-up
“Early stage,” endoscopic biopsies from BEBE early (n = 12)No biomarker abnormalities*0/12 develop DNA content abnormality
0/12 develop high-grade dysplasia
BE instability (n = 12)No biomarker abnormalities*12/12 develop DNA content abnormality
6/12 with diagnosis of high-grade dysplasia
“Late stage,” surgical resection specimensAdvanced BE (n = 10)17pLOH, TP53 mutationNot applicable
Preoperative endoscopic diagnosis of small, early cancer; samples from premalignant epithelium
EA tumor (n = 8)17pLOH, TP53 mutationNot applicable
Samples from large EA tumor mass
  • *Biomarkers = 17pLOH (spanning TP53), TP53 mutation, DNA content abnormality (aneuploidy and/or increased 4N), high-grade dysplasia.