Table 1

The IC50 of flavokawain A and tumor suppressor gene status in bladder cancer cell lines

Cell lines
Estimated IC50 (μmol/L)20.817.716.714.713.110.557.9
p53WTMT/Exon 4MT/Exon 5MT/Exon 7MT/Exon 8MT/Exon 10MT/Exon 10

NOTE: Retinoblastoma gene status implied from the expression of protein localized to the nucleus (+, presence of nuclear expression; −, absence of nuclear expression). Tumor suppressors p14 (ARF) and p16 (INK4A; p16).

Abbreviations: WT, wild-type; MT, mutant allele; RB, retinoblastoma; HD, homozygous deletion.