Table 2

Adenoma detection during study

EndpointACF cohort year 1ACF cohort year 1 and/or year 3APC trial overall year 1APC trial overall year 1 and/or year 3
Placebo twice daily (n = 17)Celecoxib twice daily (n = 28)Placebo twice daily (n = 16)Celecoxib twice daily (n = 28)Placebo twice daily (n = 679)Celecoxib twice daily (n = 1356)Placebo twice daily (n = 679)Celecoxib twice daily (n = 1356)
Detection of any adenoma, n (%)*6 (37.5)5 (18.5)6 (37.5)12 (45.7)271 (44.6)323 (26.6)354 (60.7)465 (40.4)

NOTE: Values represent the number of patients within a treatment category who developed an adenoma during the period indicated.

  • *The ACF subgroup is comparable to the overall APC trial cohort for the results obtained at year 1 for both celecoxib and placebo groups. Over the 3-yr surveillance interval, the cumulative adenoma detection rate for placebo treatment was lower for the ACF subgroup than the overall APC trial cohort. Because the number of patients in the ACF placebo subgroup was very small (16), these rates could still be considered comparable.