Table 2.

Somatic mtDNA mutation involving other mtDNA regions in different cancers

Cancer typen/N, % of patients with mutationMethodReference
Bladder cancer9/14, 64CS36
Breast cancer15/36, 47CS62
4/20, 20Mitochip 2.0a63
Esophagus cancer12/31, 39CS62
HNSCC41/83, 49Mitochip 2.0a66
4/12, 33.3CS64
4/7, 57Mitochip 2.0a71
Leukemia9/24, 37.5CS47
Lung cancer33/55, 60CS67
Thyroid cancer26/45, 58CS69
34/66, 51.5CS70
20/26, 76.9CS68

Abbreviation: CS, conventional sequencing.