Table 4.

Associations between breast cancer outcomes and change in physical activity from before to after a breast cancer diagnosis

 Change in moderate- to vigorous-intensity physical activity, MET-h/wk (N = 2,776)
No change/inactive (n = 958)Increase/active (n = 1,121)Decrease/inactive (n = 697)
Total no. of deaths (n = 168)466953
 Age-adjusted HR (95% CI)1.000.59 (0.40–0.85)1.01 (0.71–1.45)
 Multivariable-adjusted HR (95% CI)1.000.67 (0.46–0.96)1.06 (0.73–1.54)
No. of breast cancer deaths (n = 79)253222
 Age-adjusted HR (95% CI)1.000.66 (0.39–1.11)0.93 (0.54–1.59)
 Multivariable-adjusted HR (95% CI)1.000.91 (0.51–1.64)1.06 (0.59–1.88)

NOTE: Adjusted for age, stage, ER, PR, grade, HER2, ethnicity, WHI study arm, previous hormone therapy use, time from diagnosis to physical activity assessment, BMI, diabetes, alcohol, smoke, total calories, and percentage calories from fat, and servings of fruit and vegetables.