Table 1.

Subjects characteristics and dietary intake

Subjects characteristics a
Age, yWeight, kgHeight, cmBody mass index, Kg/m2GenderEthnicity
MaleFemaleWhiteAfrican- AmericanOther
Inpatient studyMean54.086.9176.327.882721
Outpatient studyMean57.686.5171.029.646541
Daily average outpatient dietary intakeb
Energy, kcalFat, %CHO, %Protein, %Fiber, gCalcium, mgFolate, μg
Inpatient studyMean2,635.035.149.915.021.01,178.0339.0
Outpatient studyMean2,164.037.546.416.718.8685.0326.0
Risk factors for colon cancer
Inpatient studyFamily history of colorectal cancer or adenoma–-first-degree relative8
Personal history of adenoma2
Outpatient studyFamily history of colorectal cancer or adenoma—first-degree relative4
Personal history of adenoma6
  • aSubjects were excluded if they had a history of cancer other than nonmelanoma skin cancer, previous major intestinal surgery, malabsorption, or bleeding disorders, estrogen and/or progesterone replacement, supplemental vitamin D or non–steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs intake, systemic or bowel inflammatory disorder. Mean ± SD for the 10 completed subjects.

  • bDaily intake calculated for 3-day food records using ESHA food processing database.