Table 2.

Histopathology of wild-type and transgenic mice receiving different doses of dim for 20 weeks

Cervical epitheliumDIM
0 ppm500 ppm1,000 ppm1,500 ppm2,000 ppm2,500 ppm
 CIN-free/total, %161862645767
 CIN-free/total, %7684100727677

NOTE: Histopathologic response dichotomized as CIN-free or not. For the binary outcome, CIN freedom, Cochran–Armitage test for trend reported significant DIM dose effect in transgenic mice (P < 0.0001) and not significant in wild-type (P = 0.5327). Cochran–Armitage exact test with Hochberg procedure for multiple testing identified 1,000 ppm as the minimum effective dose at P < 0.05.