Table 1.

Baseline characteristics by categories of height and body shapes at ages 5, 10, and 20 years

Height (in)Pictogram at age 5 yPictogram at age 10 yPictogram at age 20 y
Age at baseline (not standardized)38.137.938.438.838.438.73937.7
Age at most recent endoscopy (not standardized)48.748.548.949.549.049.149.848
Smoking status
Never smoker (%)6562655466536355
Past smoker (%)2427243024302528
Current smoker (%)1111111610161217
Pack-years of smoking at baseline45474757
Premenopausal (%)9595949494939592
Family history of colorectal cancer (%)1516151515161416
Reason for most recent endoscopy is screening (%)4849484548454643
Height (in)6069656565656565
BMI at baseline (kg/m2)2525242923282232
BMI at age 18 y (kg/m2)2221202619251829
Physical activity at baseline (MET-h/wk)2423232524232423
Physical activity between ages 12 and 22 (MET-h/wk)4348474348394736
Aspirin use at baseline 2 or more times/wk (%)1213131413131314
Total calories kcal1,7381,8161,7811,7811,7911,7861,7811,759
Alcohol gm2.
Protein gma878786918590.98491.3
Carbohydrates gma226225226220227219230217
Total fat gma63636363.66363.86264.9
Fiber gma18191819.21819.31819
Calcium mga9921,0591,0001,1009951,0799841,066
Folate mcga456481459504460485459473

Abbreviation: MET, metabolic equivalent.

  • aDietary intake variables adjusted for energy intake by residual method.