Table 1.

Means and proportions for selected baseline characteristics of the NIH-AARP Diet and Health Study cohort (N = 492,186) by quintiles of total white meat intake

Total white meat
White meat, mean, g/1,000 kcal8.918.527.640.072.6
 Poultry, mean, g/1,000 kcal5.311.517.726.651.2
 Fish, mean, g/1,000 kcal3.67.09.913.421.4
 Canned tuna, mean, g/1,000 kcal1.
Red meat, mean, g/1,000 kcal31.835.836.836.332.1
Age, mean, y6362626262
White, non-Hispanic, %9192929190
College and postcollege, %3135394245
Currently married, %6569707069
Positive family history of cancer, %4849494949
Never smoker, %3334363736
Current smoker or quit <1 y ago, %1916141210
Alcohol intake, mean, g/d18.413.011.610.28.4
BMI, mean, kg/m226.727.
 Obese, BMI ≥30, %1921222223
Physical activity (vigorous ≥ 20 min), %
 ≥5 times/wk1918191921
Current MHT use, % of women4144444645
Dietary intakes per day, mean
 Fruit, MPED servings/1,000 kcal1.
 Vegetables, MPED servings/1,000 kcal2.
 Total energy intake, kcal1,9411,8441,8261,8101,757

NOTE: N = 293,466 men; 198,720 women.

Abbreviation: Q, quintile.