Table 4.

Multivariable-adjusteda estimated RRs of colon cancer associated with specific combinations of MetSb components, follow-up 1992–2003

MetS components% of all subjects (% of subjects among those with MetS by IDF)
ModelAGMElevated TGAO by IDFcElevated BPReduced HDLRR95% CI
1 MetS component
 1.1X45.0 (72.4)2.141.64–2.77
 1.2X19.8 (41.9)1.360.95–1.68
 1.3X58.2 (100.0)1.681.31–2.15
 1.4X62.1 (87.6)1.260.98–1.61
 1.5X22.6 (43.0)1.361.04–1.77
2 MetS components
 2.1XX9.7 (22.7)1.931.30–2.87
 2.2XX10.5 (23.5)2.451.66–3.62
 2.3XX29.8 (72.4)2.291.72–3.03
 2.4XX30.6 (63.0)1.991.51–2.62
 2.5XX8.3 (21.6)1.581.05–2.37
 2.6XX15.4 (41.9)1.471.06–2.03
 2.7XX14.4 (34.0)1.330.97–1.84
 2.8XX16.7 (43.0)1.481.10–1.98
 2.9XX14.2 (32.7)1.481.07–2.04
 2.10XX40.1 (87.6)1.671.31–2.12
3 MetS components
 3.1XXX7.7 (22.7)1.921.23–2.99
 3.2XXX8.0 (23.5)2.571.64–4.01
 3.3XXX21.4 (63.0)2.451.80–3.35
 3.4XXX4.0 (10.5)2.461.32–4.58
 3.5XXX7.3 (17.7)2.061.31–3.23
 3.6XXX7.3 (21.6)1.661.07–2.57
 3.7XXX11.5 (34.0)1.691.17–2.43
 3.8XXX7.6 (22.2)1.470.96–2.26
 3.9XXX4.9 (14.3)1.650.99–2.76
 3.10XXX0.0 (0.0)

NOTE: RRs are shown for persons with the MetS combination specified compared with persons without that combination. Consequently, models 1.1–1.5, 2.1–2.10, and 3.10 do not define mutually exclusive groups, and the prevalence of trait combinations do not sum to 100%.

Abbreviations: AO, abdominal obesity; AGM, abnormal glucose metabolism; TG, tryglicerides; HDL-C, high-density lipoprotein cholesterol; BP, blood pressure; MetS, metabolic syndrome.

  • aResults based on conditional logistic regression (matching factors: age, sex, study center, follow-up time since blood collection, time of the day at blood collection, and fasting status; women were further matched by menopausal status and phase of menstrual cycle at blood collection; postmenopausal women were matched by HRT use) with adjustment for smoking status, education, alcohol consumption, physical activity, fiber intake, consumption of fruits and vegetables, red and processed meat, fish, and shellfish.

  • bMetS is defined here according to the criteria of the IDF.

  • cResults are shown for AO by IDF as this is the factor that showed to be independently associated with risk of developing colon cancer in a model mutually adjusted for the other components.