Table 1.

Characteristics of study population stratified by HIV status and Pap test results

HIV-negative normal Pap testa (n = 17)HIV-positive normal Pap test (n = 18)HIV-positive HSIL on Pap testb (n = 13)P
Age (mean ± SD)32 ± 1243 ± 1139 ± 80.006
Smoking1 (6%)1 (6%)2 (15%)0.66
Receiving ART15 (83%)9 (69%)0.41
Median nadir CD4 T cells per mm3 (range)c228 (31–301)224 (80–302)0.89
Median CD4 T cells per mm3 at time of study (range)402 (181–815)327 (183–660)0.07
Median plasma HIV-1 RNA copies per ml at time of study (range)50 (50–240,000)23,000 (50–630,000)0.03
  • aWomen with normal Pap test had normal cervical cytology by Bethesda Classification system and negative Digene HCII test for high-risk HPV.

  • bWomen with HSIL by Bethesda Classification system also had a positive test by Digene HCII for high-risk HPV.

  • cThe nadir CD4 T-cell count is the lowest documented CD4 T-cell count for an individual person.