Table 1.

Baseline characteristics of the patients according to UGT1A6 genotypea

CharacteristicsAll (n = 1,647)Wild-type (n = 717)Variant (n = 930)Pb
Age, median (range), y59 (31–88)59 (35–87)59 (31–88)0.38
Women (%)3232320.97
Race or ethnic groupc (%)
 Non-Hispanic White9291920.21
 Non-Hispanic Black565
 Asian/Pacific Islander/other111
Current cigarette smoker (%)1718160.59
Body mass indexd
 Men28.7 (0.1)28.9 (0.2)28.6 (0.2)0.18
 Women29.0 (0.3)29.1 (0.4)29.0 (0.4)0.89
Colorectal cancer in a parent (%)2121210.70
 Findings at baseline colonoscopy
 No. of adenomas2.1 (0.04)2.1 (0.06)2.1 (0.05)0.49
 At least one adenoma ≥1 cm (%)4342440.56
 Multiple adenomas (%)5656550.60
 Adenoma burden,e cm1.5 (0.03)1.5 (0.05)1.5 (0.04)0.96
History of cardiovascular eventsf (%)1414140.82
History of hypertension (%)4040410.64
History of diabetes (%)99100.34
Use of low-dose aspiring (%)3233310.35
Randomized to placebo (%)343434
Randomized to celecoxib, 200 mg twice daily (%)333234
Randomized to celecoxib, 400 mg twice daily (%)333432
  • aData are expressed as mean (SD) unless otherwise indicated. Wild-type UGT1A6 genotypes include individuals with no T181A or R184S alleles. Variant UGT1A6 genotypes include individuals with ≥1 variant (T181 or R184S) allele.

  • bTest of difference between wild-type and variant genotype groups was calculated by ANOVA for continuous variables and χ2 for categorical variables.

  • cRace or ethnic group was determined by the investigator using predefined categories.

  • dBody mass index is the weight in kilograms divided by the square of the height in meters.

  • eThe adenoma burden was defined as the sum of the diameter of all adenomas reported during colonoscopy at baseline.

  • fCardiovascular events were defined as myocardial infarction, cerebrovascular disease, congestive heart failure, angina, and atherosclerotic heart disease.

  • gLow-dose aspirin was defined as ≤325 mg every other day or ≤162.5 mg every day.