Table 2.

Initial and default values for all variables

EntityState variableInitial/default valueUnits
Global• Motility mutation0.01SD
• Neoplastic mutation0.01Rate per cell division
• Rate of renewal0.1Resource per time step
• Diffusion rate0.001Proportion of resource per time step
• Death threshold1Resource level in a patch
• Reproduction threshold50Energy in a cell
⇒ Number cells2,601Count
⇒ Number normal2,601Count
⇒ Number neoplastic0Count
Microenvironments• Location(−25 − 25, −25 −25)Coordinates
• ResourceRandom from uniform distribution 0–50Resource
CellsMetabolic rate0.5, 1, 1.5, 2, 2.5, 3Energy per time step
• Energy5Energy in a cell
⇒ Motility rate0.001Probability
• HeadingRandom from uniform distribution 0–359Degrees
• LocationOne cell was placed in the middle of each patchContinuous coordinates

NOTE: Bold indicates the independent variable, and arrows indicate dependent variables.