Table 1.

Overview of state variables associated with each type of entity, including initial and default values for all variables

EntityState variableDescriptionInitial/default valueUnits
Global• Motility mutationThe SD of change in motility rate upon reproduction0.01SD
• Neoplastic mutationRate of mutation from normal to neoplastic cell and vice versa upon reproduction (Experiment 2 only)0.01Rate per cell division
• Rate of renewalAmount of energy added to each patch per time step0.1Resource per time step
• Diffusion rateProportion of patch resource that diffuses per time step; split evenly between all 8 neighbors0.001Proportion of resource per time step
• Death thresholdAmount of resource necessary on a patch for cell to survive1Resource level in a patch
• Reproduction thresholdAmount of energy cell needs to divide50Energy in a cell
⇒ Number cellsTotal number of cells2,601Count
⇒ Number normalNumber of normal cells (Experiment 2 only)2,601Count
⇒ Number neoplasticNumber of neoplastic cells (Experiment 2 only)0Count
Microenvironments• LocationCoordinates of the patch(−25 −25, −25 −25)Coordinates
• ResourceAmount of resources available on patchRandom from uniform distribution 0–50Resource
CellsMetabolic rateAmount of resource cell can consume (transform into energy) in 1 time step0.5, 1, 1.5, 2, 2.5, 3Energy per time step
• EnergyAmount of energy accumulated by cell through consumption/metabolism of resources5Energy in a cell
⇒ Motility rateLikelihood that a cell will move per time step0.001Probability
• HeadingDirection of cell movementRandom from uniform distribution 0–359Degrees
• LocationCoordinates of cellOne cell was placed in the middle of each patchContinuous coordinates

NOTE: Bold indicates the independent variable, and arrows indicate dependent variables.