Table 3.

BMI and incidence of invasive breast cancer among premenopausal women

P-1 premenopausal
Form of Cox regression modelBMINNo. of eventsHR (95% CI)
Univariable assessment<25.02,596431.00
25.0–29.91,785451.57 (1.04–2.39)
≥30.01,483381.63 (1.06–2.53)
Full multivariable assessmenta<25.02,590431.00
25.0–29.91,780451.55 (1.02–2.36)
≥30.01,480381.66 (1.06–2.58)
Final multivariable assessmentb<25.02,596431.00
25.0–29.91,785451.59 (1.05–2.42)
≥30.01,483381.70 (1.10–2.63)
  • aAdjusted for treatment, Gail score, age, history of diabetes, history of oral contraceptive use, history of estrogen use, and years of cigarette smoking. Those with unknown smoking status were excluded from analyses.

  • bAdjusted for treatment and Gail score.