Table 4.

Sex-stratified results—age-standardized incident rates and HRs and 95% CIs of incident colon cancer according to a modified protective lifestyle factor index (dietary pattern, physical activity, sleep, and BMI)

Protective lifestyle factor index score0/12345/6Ptrend
n cases/N39/2,35797/7,616110/11,55438/5,1752/754
Standardized ratea796249346
HR (95% CI)1.000.80 (0.55–1.16)0.65 (0.44–0.94)0.55 (0.35–0.89)0.25 (0.06–1.05)0.002
n cases/N45/2,17683/6,371121/7,83544/4,43011/2,198
Standardized ratea9152543931
HR (95% CI)1.000.63 (0.44–0.91)0.74 (0.52–1.05)0.52 (0.34–0.80)0.33 (0.17–0.66)0.002
n cases/N84/4,533180/13,987231/19,38982/9,60513/2,952
Standardized ratea1711141037337
HR (95% CI)1.000.71 (0.55–0.92)0.69 (0.54–0.89)0.54 (0.39–0.74)0.32 (0.17–0.57)<0.0001

NOTE: Model adjusted for age, sex, year of enrollment, dialect, education, diabetes status, familial history of colorectal cancer, smoking, alcohol intake, and energy intake.

  • aStandardized rate = age-standardized incident cancer rate per 100,000 person-years using person-year time and age distributions of Singapore Chinese Health Study (SCHS).