Table 3.

Curcumin analogs and their benefits

AnalogStudy conclusionsBenefits and aimsReferences
EF24In ovarian cancer cells, VEGF was dose-dependently reduced with EF24, showing ∼ 8-fold greater potency than curcumin (P <.05). Synergism with cisplatin.Enhanced potencyTan and colleagues (79)
Novel strategy curcumin analog EF24 with a p38 inhibitor for lung cancerEnhanced potencyThomas and colleagues (80)
In MDA-MB231 and PC3, EF-24 inhibits HIF-1 and genuinely disrupts the microtubule cytoskeleton unlike curcuminMechanismThomas and colleagues (81)
EF24 shows anticancer potency 10 times higher than curcumin, against lung, breast, ovarian, and cervical cancer cells by blocking the nuclear translocation of NF-kBEnhanced potencyKasinski and colleagues (82)
EF31EF31 has greater potency in NF-kB activity inhibition compared with curcumin and another analog EF24 and its action mechanism is based on its anti-inflammatory and antisurvival activities.Enhanced potencyOlivera and colleagues (83)
BDMCAChemopreventive effect through prevention of circulatory oxidative stress is not by methoxy group but by the terminal phenolic moieties or the central 7-carbon chainMechanism, structure, and rolesDevasena and colleagues (84)
BDMCA is antioxidant and lipid peroxidation and antioxidant status could be used as markers for colon cancer chemoprevention using BDMCAMechanism and biomarkerDevasena and colleagues (85)
CDFCombination of CDF and conventional 5-FU + oxaliplatin could be an strategy for preventing the emergence of chemoresistant colon cancer cellsOvercoming resistanceKanwar and colleagues (86)
CDF had better retention and bioavailability and the concentration of CDF in the pancreas tissue was 10-fold higher compared with curcuminImproved bioavailabilityPadhye and colleagues (87)
FLLL32FLLL32 has biochemically superior properties and more specifically targets STAT3, a transcription factorEnhanced specificityFossey and colleagues (88)
FLLL32 reduced expression of STAT3-target genesEnhanced specificityBill and colleagues (89)
GO-Y030GO-Y030 has 30-fold higher potency in suppressing tumor cell growth compared with curcumin by inhibition of IKKβEnhanced potencySato and colleagues (90)
Improved chemopreventive effect with GO-Y030 compared with curcumin (191 days). Diminished polyp incidence in Apc(580D/+) mice fed GO-Y030.Enhanced preventionShibata and colleagues (91)
DAPHigh levels of HO-3867 were detected in the liver, kidney, stomach, and blood 3 hours after DAP i.p. injection. Higher bioabsorption.Improved bioavailabilityDayton and colleagues (74)
[DLys(6)]-LHRH-CurcuminThe analog inhibited the proliferation of pancreatic cancer cell lines (P < 0.05) by inducing apoptosis. Water soluble and i.v. infusible. The i.v. infusion could achieve significant differences in tumor weight and volume (P < 0.01)Targeted deliveryAggarwal and colleagues (92)