Table 3.

Subgroup analyses, as well as dose–response relationship, on the association of physical activity and gastric cancer risk

GroupsCategoriesNo. of studiesAdjusted OR95% CIHeterogeneity within groups (I2; P)P difference between groups
Site specificCardia40.800.63–1.000; 0.590.12
Noncardia50.630.52–0.763; 0.39
Sex specificMales100.860.75–0.9963; <0.010.27
Females30.720.55–0.940; 0.59
Study designCase–control90.750.69–0.820; 0.660.27
Cohort70.830.71–0.9759; 0.02
Study locationAsian50.790.63–0.9959; 0.050.11
Western110.740.64–0.8427; 0.19
Study qualityHigh60.860.75–0.9951; 0.070.07
Low100.740.69–0.810; 0.52
Dose responseMiddle tertilea110.910.82–1.0227; 0.180.08
Highest tertilea110.780.68–0.9043; 0.06
  • aUsing least active people as reference category.