Table 3.

Baseline mean adjusted and unadjusted CRP levels stratified by the baseline 25(OH)D level and the baseline BMI level, mean (95% confidence interval)

Unadjusted mean (95% confidence interval)Adjusted mean (95% confidence interval)
VariableNCRP (mg/L)PNCRP (mg/L)Pa
25(OH)D <20 ng/mL2122.15 (1.77–2.60)0.032122.01 (1.66–2.43)b0.03
25(OH)D ≥20 ng/mL1071.49 (1.14–1.96)1071.42 (1.08–1.88)b
BMI <30 kg/m21400.99 (0.79–1.23)<0.00011401.01 (0.81–1.27)c<0.0001
BMI ≥30 kg/m21793.17 (2.61–3.84)1793.23 (2.60–4.02)c
Smoker991.83 (1.51–2.21)0.33971.69 (1.43–2.04)c0.06
Nonsmoker2232.16 (1.63–2.87)2222.25 (1.67–2.81)c
  • aP value was computed by the linear regression model, PROC GLM; unadjusted and adjusted means are geometric mean of log CRP.

  • bAdjusted for age, BMI (as continuous variable), sex, smoking status.

  • cAdjusted for age, sex, smoking status.