Table 3.

Adjuvant hormone therapy use for hormone receptor–positive postmenopausal women with early-stage breast cancer

In Women's Health Initiative CohortaKaiser Permanente Southern CaliforniabIn SEER Population by SurveycKaiser Permanente Northern Californiad
3,588 surveyed 2009–201022,850 in years 1996–2006743 surveyed in years 2005–200713,753 studied in years 1996–2007
Use: AI 33%, SERM 31%, mix 36%Use: SERM 38%, AI 19%, mix 16%Use: endocrine 75%Not examined
17% none24% none10.8% none30% none
33% of users became nonadherent21% users became nonadherent15.1% uses became nonadherent by year 4Not examined

Abbreviation: AI, aromatase inhibitor.

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