Table 1.

Health index construction, based on five lifestyle characteristics

Compliance with public health recommendations
Full (1 point)Partial (0.5 point)Poor (0 point)
Health recommendations
—Smoking statusNever smokerFormer smokerCurrent smoker
—BMI (kg/m2)[18.5–25) (normal range)[25–30) (overweight)≥30 (obesity)
[16–18.5) (underweight)<16 (severely underweight)
—Alcohol consumption (drinksa/day)<1[1; 2)≥2
—Fruit and vegetable consumption (servingsb/day)≥5[3.5; 5)<3.5
—Recreational physical activity level (MET-hour/week)≥20[10; 20)<10
  • aOne drink of alcohol corresponds to 10 g of ethanol.

  • bOne serving of fruits and vegetables corresponds to 80 g of fruits and vegetables. Fruits and vegetables included raw and cooked vegetables, lettuce, and fresh fruits.