Table 1.

Baseline concentrations of urinary prostaglandin E metabolite (PGE-M) in family members

IndividualAge at follow-up (y)GenderRelationshipDigital clubbingSmoking status (pack-years)Colon neoplasia (age at diagnosis)PGE-M (ng/mg Cr)
1867-0152MaleProbandYesNever smokerSigmoid Colon cancer (48)56.40
1867-2188MaleFather of probandYesFormer smokera (93)None26.94
1867-2324MaleSon of 1867-02YesNever smokerSessile serrated adenoma, 0.5 cm (24)33.96
1867-2426MaleSon of 1867-02NoFormer smoker (4)UnknownUnknown
1867-0256FemaleSister of probandNoNever smokerTwo sessile serrated adenomas, 1 cm and 0.4 cm (54)3.09
1867-0360FemaleSister of probandNoNever smokerSessile serrated adenoma, 0.6 cm (57)5.94
1867-2287FemaleMother of probandNoNever smokerUnknown13.31
  • aSmoked from age 20 to 51 years.