Table 2.

The association between HDL-C and absolute (cm2) and percent mammographic density (%) in uni- and multivariable models (n = 202)

β-Coefficient(95% CI)P
Absolute mammographic density (cm2)
 HDL-C, mmol/La10.3(0.49–20.2)0.040
 HDL-C, mmol/Lb5.20(−5.15–15.5)0.323
 HDL-C, mmol/Lc5.80(−4.38–16.0)0.262
Percent mammographic density (%)
 HDL-C, mmol/La19.0(11.5–26.6)<0.001
 HDL-C, mmol/Lb7.26(0.59–13.9)0.033
 HDL-C, mmol/Lc7.23(0.72–13.7)0.030
  • aUnivariable linear regression.

  • bMultivariable linear regression, adjusted for age, BMI, and parity.

  • cMultivariable linear regression, adjusted for age, BMI, parity, smoking, and oral contraceptive use.