Table 3.

Change in risk and response biomarkers for 34 subjects who completed the trial

BiomarkerMedian prestudyMedian poststudyMedian absolute changeMedian relative changeP Wilcoxona (McNemar)
RPFNA specimens
 Cytomorphology Index Score1514−17%0.014
 Frequency of atypia, percent53418 “gain” atypia(0.50)
12 “lose” atypia
 Estimated epithelial cell number per slide1–5 × 1031–5 × 10316 decrease0.019
6 increase
 Ki-67, percent1.70.75−0.4−43%0.036
Mammographic breast density
 Percent area of increased density (average of two readers)24.518.7−1.7−10%0.036
  • aP-values < 0.05 are indicated in bold.