Table 2.

Total and free silybin levels in plasma, urine, breast cancer, and adjacent unaffected breast tissue in patients who received silybin for 28 days

MedianQ1Q3MinMaxP value
TOT-SIL (plasma) ng/mL
 Before last administration9016511,4812144,574
 2 hours after last administration14,53813,14716,8287,65431,1210.0004a
SIL (plasma) ng/mL
 Before last administration69131591523
 2 hours after last administration5,8474,5266,4541,81810,8610.0004a
TOT-SIL (urine) ng/mLb
 At surgery7,1312,01521,0959026,573
SIL (urine) ng/mLb
 At surgery212713597747
TOT-SIL (tissue) ng/g
 Normal breast tissue110340480.018
SIL (tissue) ng/g
 Normal breast tissue003.79019
  • aP for the difference between before last administration and 2 hours after last administration.

  • bCreatinine normalization.