Table 2.

Summary of Cox proportional hazards models for various putative biomarker schemes, for different tissue sampling schemes

Unit changeHR7595% CIP
Whole lesionEmbedded Image proportion0.050(0–Embedded Image)0.29
Mitotic proportion0.010.31(0.12–0.81)0.02
Shannon index0.12(1.8–2.2)<10−4
Gini–Simpson index0.015.5(4.2–7.2)<10−4
Moran's I0.053.2(2–5.3)<10−4
Geary's C0.010.98(0.92–1)0.43
BiopsyEmbedded Image proportion0.050.95(0.86–1.1)0.35
Mitotic proportion0.010.81(0.58–1.1)0.22
Shannon index0.21.3(1.1–1.4)<10−4
Gini–Simpson index0.012.3(1.5–3.5)<10−4
Moran's I0.11.4(1.1–1.9)0.02
Geary's C0.10.95(0.87–1)0.29
ScrapingEmbedded Image proportion0.05<106(0–0.0001)0.01
Mitotic proportion0.011.2(0.88–1.7)0.23
Shannon index0.051.3(1.3–1.4)<10−4
Gini–Simpson index0.013.5(2.8–4.4)<10−4
  • NOTE: Hazard ratios (HR75) are computed at time Embedded Image for the case Embedded Image, Embedded Image, and Embedded Image. Statistically significant values are shown in bold. “Unit change” denotes the change in the value of each putative biomarker that increases the associated hazard ratio by the reported factor.