Table 1.

Effects of 5MeCDDO and 5, 6 benzoflavone in the prevention of dimethylbenzanthracene (DMBA)-induced mammary cancers in female Sprague-Dawley rats

Mammary adenocarcinomasc
GroupNo. of ratsCarcinogenaTreatmentbPercent incidenceNumber/ratd,eAvg. weight of cancers (mg)e,f
115DMBA5MeCDDO, 27 mg/kg diet330.60 (79%↓)g139 (85%↓)g
215DMBA5MeCDDO, 2.7 mg/kg diet801.40 (50%↓)h551 (39%↓)
315DMBA5,6-Benzoflavone, 500 mg/kg diet130.13 (95%↓)g67 (93%↓)g
  • aFemale Sprague-Dawley rats received DMBA at 50 days of age.

  • bAgents were administered one week prior to and one week after DMBA.

  • cData on mammary cancers were obtained at necropsy of the rats (134 days after DMBA).

  • dFinal tumor multiplicity different from Group 4.

  • eNumbers in parenthesis are percent differences from control group (Group 4).

  • fTumor weight different from Group 4.

  • gP < 0.01.

  • hP < 0.05.