Table 3.

Selected trials of FDA-approved agents for actinic keratosis treatment

InterventionStudiesaParticipant complete clearance ratio (%)Efficacy rateCommon adverse reactionsSystemic absorption
5-FUJorizzo 200256%52% (196)Inflammation, crusting, temporarily disfiguring0.55–2.4% (42)
Weiss 200248%
3% diclofenac gel in 2.5% hyaluronic acidWolf 200145%40% (197)Dry skin, pruritus, erythema0.6–2.2% (198)
Rivers 200231%
Gebauer 200338%
ImiquimodChen 200324%50% (199)Erythema, scabbing, flakingMinimal
Lebowhl 200445%
Korman 200548%
Ooi 200645%
Alomar 200755%
Jorizzo 200754%
Ingenol mebutateAnderson 200954%42% (200)Erythema, scaling, crusting, edema, ulceration, pruritusMinimal
Lebowhl 201242%
δ-aminolevulinic acid + PDTHauschild 2009 AK0362%42%–89% (201)Burning sensation during light exposure, irritationMinimal
Szeimies 201060%
  • aStudies selected by: randomized, double-blinded controlled trial, complete clearance ratios for lesions listed, toxicity grade standardized, included both head and non-head regions, non-immunocompromised.