Table 2.

Measured blood factors stratified by breast WAT inflammation

Breast WAT Inflammation
FactorsAbsent (n = 44)Present (n = 28)Pa
hsCRP, ng/mL
 Median (range)0.50 (0.02–7.06)0.67 (0.07–7.5)0.05b
IL-6, pg/mL
 Median (range)0.83 (0.22–48.79)1.03 (0.24–15.00)0.26b
Leptin, pg/mL
 Median (range)6.29 (0.72–21.08)9.56 (3.43–25.32)0.01b
Adiponectin, mg/mL
 Median (range)13.37 (1.99–23.05)10.45 (3.02–23.85)0.33b
Leptin:Adiponectin ratio
 Median (range)0.64 (0.04–4.02)0.79 (0.23–4.2)0.04
Glucose, mg/dL
 Median (range)69 (54–95)81 (34–106)0.19b
Insulin, mU/L
 Median (range)3.74 (1.26–10.19)4.99 (1.38–9.18)0.02b
 Median (range)0.40 (0.14–1.10)0.55 (0.12–1.00)<0.01
Total cholesterol, mg/dL
 Median (range)192 (129–284)195 (152–285)0.54
LDL cholesterol, mg/dL
 Median (range)103 (38–183)108 (66–185)0.41
HDL cholesterol, mg/dL
 Median (range)74 (48–120)68 (41–101)0.15
Triglycerides, mg/dL
 Median (range)62 (29–136)69 (39–225)<0.01
  • aP values were obtained using linear regression adjusted for potential cohort differences.

  • bLog-transformed data were used to ensure the underlying model assumptions were met.