Table 1.

Baseline characteristics of current users of metformin or other NIADs

Current metformin usersCurrent other NIADs users
Characteristicn = 37,215n = 19,899P valuea
 Age (mean, SD)63.512.767.012.9<0.01
 Sex (n, % male)18,15148.89,35347.0<0.01
 Year of index date (mean, SD)20063.420023.4<0.01
ADD use (n, %)b
Use of other drugs (n, %)c
 H. pylori eradication therapy410.190.10.01
 Non-aspirin NSAIDs4,83213.02,63013.20.43
 Proton pump inhibitors6,47817.42,70213.6<0.01
History of hospitalization (n, %)
 0 hospitalizations22,62160.814,31071.9
 ≥1 hospitalizations14,59439.25,58928.1<0.01
  • aP value based on Mann–Whitney U test for continuous variables and χ2 test for categorical variables.

  • bAt the start of follow-up (t0),

  • cDuring 90 days before the index date.