Table 2.

Total and free EGCG levels in plasma, urine, breast cancer, and adjacent unaffected breast tissue in patients who received Greenselect Phytosome for 28 days

Total EGCG (plasma) ng/mLBaseline00000
Before last administration20.314.730.71.3241.43
2 hours after last administration8950.9111.417.4121.2<0.008a
Free EGCG (plasma) ng/mLBaseline00000
Before last administration00000
2 hours after last administration30.916.638.6065.8<0.001a
Total EGCG (urine) ng/mLbBaseline00000
Free EGCG (urine) ng/mLbBaseline00000
Total EGCG (tissue) ng/gTumor3.182.764.581.188.560.02
Normal breast tissue002.3402.85
Free EGCG (tissue) ng/gTumor000000.004
Normal breast tissue1.0701.2501.46
  • aP for the difference between before last administration and 2 hours after last administration.

  • bCreatinine normalization; end: before the last administration; end-2h: 2 hours after the last administration.