Table 4.

Multivariate logistic regression analysis for advanced adenoma recurrence

VariablesOR (95% CI)Pa
Age (years)0.988 (0.946–1.032)0.590
Male sex2.012 (0.457–8.857)0.355
History of alcohol0.884 (0.195–4.008)0.873
History of smoking0.897 (0.203–3.969)0.886
Family history of colorectal cancer1.140 (0.276–4.705)0.856
Hypertension2.084 (0.742–5.850)0.163
DM0.850 (0.278–2.595)0.775
Skeletal muscle mass (kg)0.316 (0.036–2.772)0.299
Body fat mass (kg)7.601 (1.583–36.485)0.011
Active exercise (vs. sedentary)0.340 (0.143–0.809)0.015
Follow-up duration (years)1.135 (0.948–1.359)0.167
Time to first surveillance colonoscopy (months)1.004 (0.970–1.039)0.830
Number of surveillance colonoscopy2.767 (1.095–6.990)0.031
  • Abbreviation: DM, diabetes mellitus.

  • aP value for comparing advanced adenoma group and nonadvanced adenoma group.