Table 3.

Multivariate regression analysis

Body weightsAdditive effectSEP
 Intercept1,809.3121.1 <2e–16a
 HF:post+1,584.3138.8 <2e–16a
 HF:post+1,279.8113.54 <2e–16a
  • NOTE: Linear model frameworks and Cox proportional hazard models assessed prognostic factors of diet regimes on outcomes of body weight, GTT, or ITT results, and mammary tumorigenesis. All groups were compared with group A (DR/DR/DR).

  • Abbreviations: GTT, glucose tolerance test, ITT insulin tolerance test.

  • aStatistical significance with P ≤ 0.01. Intercept is the average outcome for the baseline group A (DR/DR/DR), Coef is the relative change compared with control group A.

  • bStatistical significance with P ≤ 0.05.