Table 4.

Effect of selenium treatment and tumor recurrence on risk for gene methylation in sputum and plasma

OR (95% CI)bPOR (95% CI)bP
Se treatmentaRecurrence(Sputum)(Plasma)
YesYes0.86 (0.73–1.03)0.111.03 (0.78–1.34)0.85
NoYes1.43 (1.16–1.77)0.000861.15 (0.75–1.34)0.51
YesNo1.12 (0.98–1.29)0.100.81 (0.65–1.01)0.06
  • aA highly significant interaction was observed between selenium treatment, and tumor recurrence when assessing risk for methylation (P < 0.001).

  • bAdjusted for age, sex, time between tumor resection and patient randomization, and sputum collection up to 4 years.